Take Miley Cyrus on an epic adventure


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Wreck is a 2D platform game where you play the pop singer Miley Cyrus. The objective is to murder her alter ego, the child star Hannah Montana, with a gigantic cannon.

The game is made up of about a dozen relatively short levels. To stay alive, you have to make your way past tons of spikes and kill your enemies with your cannon, which doubles as a jetpack that propels you through the levels.

Once you destroy all your enemies and make it to the end of the game, you find Hannah Montana, who is the final 'boss.' You have to face her head-on in the final battle using your trusty cannon.

Wreck is a platform game with a fun theme and great gameplay. Using your cannon both as a weapon and a way to move around the levels is perfect. Plus, the graphics are pretty decent, making it easy to recognize your heroine, Miley.
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